Anger management counselling

Are you struggling with your anger?

Are you looking for anger management therapy in Melbourne or specifically the Footscray & Mill Park area? Have you been mandated to attend an anger management course? Or is anger management counselling something you decided you want for yourself?

If so, the expert team here at Safe Place Therapy can help. We are experienced professionals in all aspects of anger management therapy. We work in the Footscray & Mill Park area and beyond. 

We provide anger management counselling

We are used to work with many different people who come from different backgrounds. The first step is reaching out to talk about it.

For men especially it is common to see anger rather than other emotions. Anger becomes a kind of ‘go to’ emotion which is automatic in any situation, making it very difficult to get through each day. Our approach is to understand how your anger is impacting your life and finding ways to minimize the explosive outbursts.

We deliver anger management courses

We often hear that clients don’t get a lot out of a group setting, they are expensive and don’t focus on what you need. We tailor the work based on your needs and the counselling is one-to-one.

If this is your experience it is really important to get professional anger management counselling to understand why this is happening.

Anger Management Fees

Individual Telehealth Counselling (Skype/Zoom, phone or in person)

$130 or bulk billing may be available upon request

Get the mental support you need and reach out today!

Our Therapist

Coby Liew Counsellor Safe Place Therapy

Coby Liew

Counsellor | Social Worker | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Coby is exceptionally passionate in mental health practice and he has extensive experience working with clients from various backgrounds and cultures.

Coby can assist you with recognising the triggers that make you angry and work withyou to identify strategies to help you manage the inevitable anger that sometimes flares without warning. Coby can share with you some insights into what dynamics are at work that can impede you from having the life you really desire.

Coby is down to earth, honest, reliable, and practical in his approach to counselling and contemporary psychotherapy.

He communicates fluently in several languages including English, Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese, Hakka, and Bahasa Indonesia.