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At Safe Place Therapy we offer supportive and effective therapy for anxiety

Anxiety Counselling in Melbourne at Safe Place Therapy

Our role is to listen to you, to understand your life with anxiety, and to help you manage your symptoms and put some balance back into your life. 

Anxiety is common. Everyone suffers from it from time to time. 

At Safe Place Therapy Melbourne, we understand that everybody has a unique experience with anxiety. We are non-judgmental, and we provide you with a safe place to discuss your emotions and experiences. Our anxiety treatment therapy works without you feeling vulnerable.

Anxiety can be a natural reaction to rational situations. In that case, you just need some straightforward anxiety disorder therapy. On the other hand, it can be irrational – like constantly worrying about things that might not happen in the future. This is also called “catastrophizing” and it makes day to day living very difficult for both you, your family, loved ones, partners and even work colleagues. 

In severe cases you may have GAD (generalised anxiety disorder). This is a debilitating condition that needs systematic anxiety treatment. GAD has multiple causes and may have a heritable genetic component.  It’s more than just rational worrying.     

In our first few sessions of anxiety disorder therapy, we focus on helping you recognize the signs of increasing anxiety before you reach the panic point. Then we design anxiety cognitive therapy strategies for you to use when you feel your anxiety increasing. 

We go beyond the standard ‘breathing techniques’ and ‘mindfulness’ that other counsellors often prescribe. It’s important to dig deeper and find strategies that specifically work for you personally. Our techniques are varied and will therefore work anywhere, whether at work or at home. They will work whatever your issues are and whatever your background is. 

By employing a range of counselling styles and different techniques, we help you understand your anxiety and to help you manage and overcome the difficulties it places on your daily life. You will be provided with real, long-term solutions so that you can enjoy an anxiety-free life. 

Finding the right support for your anxiety experience can feel difficult. Help is here, just reach out for it. 

At Safe Place Therapy our anxiety treatment is effective. We are here to help you.

Anxiety Counselling at Safe Place Therapy

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