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Inferiority Complex Safe Place Therapy

Signs You May Have An Inferiority Complex

Most of us struggle with our self-esteem from time to time. However, a constant need to feel superior to others may be hiding deeper feelings of inferiority, which can become an inferiority complex. The concept of the inferiority complex was first proposed by Austrian medical doctor and psychotherapist Alfred Adler,

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Improve your motivation

How to get your motivation mojo working

There have never been more distractions than today. Rather than getting on and doing things, you now have highly addictive social media, emails and online games, to add to all the other myriad distractions in our lives. Then add to that all the times in our lives we focus on

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Building and improving your Self Esteem

4 tips for building a healthy self esteem

There’s an old “Woody Allenesque” joke that a man goes into a psychiatrist and says ‘Doc you have got to help me – I have a terrible low self esteem problem’. “Hey, Marta” the psychiatrist calls out to reception “did you just let this loser in?”. Of course, in reality,

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Online Counselling during Coronavirus outbreak at Safe Place Therapy

Counselling during the Coronavirus outbreak

Here at Safe Place Therapy, we’d like to reassure you that any counseling or therapy you need is still fully available for you during the current Coronavirus / Covid-19 virus outbreak. This applies whether your therapy is something you have arranged for yourself, is a referral from a medical professional,

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What You Need to Know About A Narcissist

The word Narcissist or Narcissism gets thrown around a lot when talking about someone that is self absorbed or talks about themselves too much. We need be careful as there is narcissistic traits that everyone can have or we can have a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) with set

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5 Tips for a Better Sleep Safe Place Therapy

Avoiding sleep problems: 5 tips for a better sleep

Our natural sleep patterns are largely determined by the circadian rhythm. This is a term used to describe the internal biological clock that operates on a roughly 24 hour cycle. Our circadian rhythm affects more than just the rest-wake cycle, but has vast impacts on our endocrine system and hormones.

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A New Year Based On Your Values

There are way too many fads that start up in a new year. Gym memberships soar and we get lost in the pure thrill of thinking ‘new year, new you’ crazes. Enthusiasm is needed especially at the start of change but is mostly dropped by week two. This early boost

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