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Toxic Relationship Safe Place Therapy_comp

Dealing with toxic relationships and toxic people

There is a 40-year-old myth perpetrated in women’s magazines – one especially – and perpetuated today on some websites. If you look in amongst the sex tips, dating and relationship help, beauty tutorials (most of which are essentially a pool of the same articles, rewritten for the past 4 decades)

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Relationship Counselling During COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is quite concerning and worrying for a lot of people. What is also difficult is spending a lot of time at home with a partner which can cause more fights than normal . Are you worried what isolating will do to your relationship? We are here to

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Poly relationship Counselling Safe Place Therapy

Poly relationships counselling

Poly relationships are becoming increasingly common nowadays. In our grandparents or greatgrandparents time the idea of a ‘normal’ romantic relationship was a man and a woman falling in love, getting married for life and raising 2.4 children – the so-called ‘nuclear family’. Anything else was abnormal and even a threat.

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Talking about the hard stuff Safe Place Therapy

Talking about the hard stuff

Talking about the hard stuff is difficult for any couple. It’s not easy to have a hard conversation about how we feel in a relationship. The best work out people see is just to ‘keep the peace’ and don’t say anything. There is desire to try and keep things calm

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Mental Health Issues In Relationships

Mental Health issues in relationships are a major element for conflict in a couple. This is often said in relationship counselling at Safe Place Therapy: There is always three people in your relationship, the two partners and mental health. Mental health or mental illness in relationship are a big part

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effect of a newborn in a relationship

The effect of a newborn in a relationship

The effect of a newborn in a relationship can be an amazing experience for any new parents and it is a very long journey from trying to have a baby or finding out your pregnant right through to the days after child birth and the every day interactions with a

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