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A couple having financial trouble

Dealing with Mortgage Stress

Mortgage stress is one specific kind of stress about the future. If you feel stressed out, anxious or depressed about any aspect of your mortgage, then you have Mortgage Stress.

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5 powerful techniques for stress management

Stress, which is the way your body responds to events, is a natural part of life. Because it’s crucial to know how to deal with it, we have prepared 5 techniques for stress management that you can try today. But first, we need to understand the different types of stress.

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How to identify stress at work

Stress at work can be a really hard experience to go through. There is tension between the needs of the work and organisation and the personal impact this can have on a staff member. There is some expectation in some organisations that if you aren’t stressed out ‘pushed to the

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What is stress and how to deal with it

Stress is a response we have towards challenging or difficult situations that come up in life. Stress can be either positive or negative depending on how it is affecting us and how we manage stress. Stress is our response to a stressor. Think of the stressor of an upcoming exam.

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Counting your Stressors Safe Place Therapy

Counting your stressors

We have so many stressors in life. From mental health issues, physical health to relationship issues and work tasks. When was the last time you stopped and counted the amount of stressors in your life? Pair up with a colleague or friend/partner. Go ahead and grab a bunch of books

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Warning signs of workplace stress Safe Place Therapy

4 warning signs of workplace stress

There are moments in life that need more attention than others. There might be a work deadline or assignment that need to be completed and you need to focus your energy to make sure the task is done right. What happens though when your tasks repeatedly take over and become

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