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At Safe Place Therapy we center our depression therapy counselling sessions on you

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Our counselling style is tailored to meet your requirements so that you can gain the maximum benefit from us. There are a number of different counselling styles and techniques, and we strive to deliver the most appropriate modality for you.

Depression hits around 1 in 6 women and 1 in 8 men in Australia. It’s important to get depression help, when you have frequent or prolonged feelings of depression. You are not alone. At Safe Place Therapy, we know everybody has a unique experience with their depression, and understand there are different circumstances and life histories for all of us. 

When you have depression, it’s not just the odd case of the ‘blues’ you can easily pull yourself out of. It is not just a fleeting feeling of sadness. People around you don’t always appreciate the impact depression has on an individual’s life. 

That’s why we offer depression counselling, depression therapy, and other forms of support. Depression in a person’s life affects their ability to function and get through a day. It also stops them being fully effective at work or study. Relationships with others are affected too. The individual experience of depression differs from person to person. While there is a list of depression symptoms, this does not mean this is a tick list. People experience depression in varied ways and these may change over time. 

There are many misconceptions and stereotypes used to portray a person living with depression. So, it is important to get to the root causes, as well as the symptoms of depression. With self-knowledge and understanding, you are on the road to recovery. 

We provide effective depression therapy in a safe place for anyone who needs counselling support. Simply reach out to us and discuss any current issues or past experiences you want to bring up.

You’ll find us sympathetic, knowledgeable and helpful.

Depression Counselling at Safe Place Therapy

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individual  counselling (skype/zoom, phone or in person) $130 or bulk billing may be available upon request

Relationship Counselling @$150 per session. Please contact us if you have financial issues.

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