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Our counsellors work to build empathy between family members.

Family Counselling Safe Place Therapy

Families are complicated. They are often the people who play the biggest part in our lives, who can offer the greatest support, understand us and make us feel good about ourselves and the world.

But no family is perfect (as much as we’re all led to believe!). The stress of life and the changes that we all naturally go through can impact us, especially when one member of a family is hurting the whole family can suffer. 

Individuals can also struggle to identify how they are being impacted by stress and how to communicate that impact and their needs to others in their family.

When families experience strain and conflict they can become circles of blame, guilt, frustration, confusion and hurt. Family members can find themselves having the same arguments over and over or feel that the best way to get through conflict is to just shut down or walk away.

Family counselling can be a space where family members can rebuild or strengthen these relationships. We can learn to identify the important needs that each person has. Can redefine the roles that each person plays in the family unit. And can learn new language and communication styles that avoid hurt and unhelpful criticism. 

All families have strengths and resilience and family therapy can help to identify these and use them to benefit everyone. 

Safe Place Therapy counsellors work to build empathy between family members. Helping you understand what’s happening for each other is critical to getting through tough times and to coming together to solve problems.

Past conflicts in families can be left unresolved, with little understanding of why they happened and why individuals were left hurt. Family therapy can provide a safe and supported way to revisit these difficult events, to make sense of them and to foster forgiveness that can allow everyone to feel acceptance and to move on.

Family counselling can help to reduce stress within families by helping to voice difficult thoughts and feelings in safe and productive ways.

Family therapy can be particularly helpful during or after a period of transition for families, either through the arrival of a new baby, changing work roles, changes to family structures by separation or divorce or through an experience of addiction.

Our counsellors are welcoming of all family members and aim to give every person a chance to be heard and a chance to contribute.

Safe Place Therapy counsellors don’t tell clients what to do or what decisions to make. Instead we help to guide families through discussions about their thoughts, feelings, experiences and their options.

If you’re interested give us a call to discuss it, or book online if you think this is something your family could benefit from.

Family Counselling at Safe Place Therapy

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