Counselling in Footscray

We offer the best counselling service in the local Inner West area

Mental health support for depression, anxiety and other mental health issues

Also services for couples counselling and other stressful life situations. 

We provide counselling for people who live in Footscray, Yarraville, Newport, Seddon, Spotswood, Williamstown and surrounding areas.

Very close to Footscray and Middle Footscray Stations.

86 Paisley St. Footscray (VIC)

A short train ride from the city. Werribee and Williamstown Lines.

Get a mental health care plan

Medicare rebate

Getting a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) can be very helpful in reducing the cost of counselling with a psychologist or Mental Health Social Worker

The process of a MHCP created the ability for General Practitioners (GP’s) to refer clients to a suitably qualified practitioner for reduced counselling rates through medicare. It works very similar to getting other services through Medicare.

To get a MHCP you need to book an appointment with your regular GP, preferably a double session so you are not rushed when talking about things that are going on for you. Your GP will write you a referral to see a Mental Health Social Worker or Psychologist under this plan. In order to see Prue Gilligan or Stuart Cheverton please state this request to your GP and they can address the referral to us.

The GP normally asks specific questions that they need to ask within the mental health plan. These questions relate to your mental health overall and often they use a scaling questionnaire. It is best to be upfront and honest about how you are thinking and feeling. This may feel clunky and difficult to put a number on but its important to give an honest response. In this time raise your concerns about your mental health and possible symptoms or issues coming up for you. 

  • What does a bad day look like recently for you mentally? 
  • What is your sleep and eating like? 
  • How is work, family and your stress load going? 
  • What issues in your life are adding to your mental health? 

These prompts may give you some idea of what to focus on and the GP may also some questions to help understand what is going on.

Claim your Medicare rebate

If you come and see Prue Gilligan or Stuart Cheverton and you have a Mental Health Care Plan before your first session, you can take your receipt from the session, claim with Medicare and get a refund of $74.50

You are eligible to 10 sessions per year that can be claimed under Medicare.

Normally sessions cost $130, so this reduces the cost to $55 out of pocket.

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