Massage in Footscray

Quality massage close to you

Massage in Footscray

Massage in all its different forms can help with many issues. 

We have a professional team with quality skills who can provide either a relaxed feel to the treatment or a remedial focus on muscle tension or soreness

It’s hard to find a quality massage in Footscray, so you have come to the right place.

What makes us the best massage in Footscray?

We provide a quality service

All of our staff are highly trained and recommended in remedial massage. The staff tailor your massage to your trouble areas and value your feedback as to what you would like in the session.

We are affordable

We are competitively priced, providing one of the best quality/service relationships in the market. That's why we are chosen by dozens of clients every week, wanting to increase their quality of life while taking care of their budgets.

We have different services available

Whether you would like to work on a troubled area like a sore neck or back or whether you would like to relax and slow down, we have you covered. We tailor the massage to your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on working with your needs and consulting with clients to first understand the issue that needs to be addressed and then providing relevant techniques that will help

Some type of clients that get a massage at Safe Place Therapy

a hammer of a tradie

The Tradie (or physical worker) massage

We hear a lot from clients who work long physical hours and the impact this has on their bodies. Sore muscles? Tired and difficult to move? This might be because you haven't given your body enough attention to ease up on the physical work that you do.

Let one of our massage therapist work with you to understand what is going on for your body and work towards feeling better.

Like all machines, our bodies need a tune up too and we can help.

Massage in Footscray 1

The fast paced office worker massage

Stressed to the max about deadlines and overwhelming anxiety about a performance review? We get it and there are certain things that our bodies do when we get anxious or tense over long periods.

Our jaw clenches, our neck stiffens or there is ever increasing headaches that jump up. There is an ok amount of stress that helps drives and there is the unhealthy amounts that stops any good amount of work being done.

If your body is reacting you need some help. Take the time and listen to your body and get some massage help.

Massage in Footscray 3

The self care day massage

Yes, its that time to stop relax and pamper yourself.

We all need it and you have thought to yourself that you need to do some relaxing.

We have the right team to help with this.

Whether you want to have a focus area or whole body relax massage, our massage team can help.

Our massage team

James Boardman profile picture Remedial Massage Therapist

James Boardman

Remedial Massage Therapist, Diploma in Remedial Massage


James has been working with the Werribee Football Club and has experience doing sports massage. James completed his Diploma of Remedial  Massage training at The Gordon Institute of TAFE, which offered hundreds of hours doing clinic based treatments, and was also given the opportunity to work with Cricket Victoria doing sports massage for professional athletes. 


James uses a postural analysis with a muscle assessment to determine where tension or imbalances are. Using deep tissue massage, trigger points, myo-fascial release and other techniques to relieve the pain and tension. It is important to maintain good posture to avoid future dysfunctions, common massage can prevent this. James cares about the health and wellbeing of people, he is focused on treating acute pain, posture dysfunction, headaches, chronic conditions. He is respectful to all patients regardless of who they are, he believes that people have a right to good health and accepts everyone.

We welcome TAC/Workcover clients.

James is available for bookings on

Fridays 11am-8pm, 
Saturdays 10am-8pm
Sundays 1pm-8pm

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Maeve Williams Myotherapist Safe Place Therapy Footscray

Maeve Williams

Myotherapist, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy 


Maeve has had extensive clinical experience while undertaking her myotherapy studies at RMIT. She has undertaken clinical placements including the International AFL, National Institute of Circus Arts, Indigenous Football and Netball Carnival, The Collingwood Wellington Centre and JJVS NGO treatment centre in Udaipur, India. She is currently undertaking studies in TRE (Trauma Release Exercises).


Maeve focuses on creating a safe and comfortable space to work through clients and address their pain. She uses a range of techniques including postural analysis, myofascial tension technique, trigger point therapy, myofascial dry needling, myofascial dynamic cupping, joint mobilisation, muscle energy technique, assessment and treatment of neural pathways, corrective exercises for postural imbalances and hot stones therapy. Maeve works with clients from all walks of life with all sorts of pathologies (including headaches, TMJ dysfunction), with a particular interest in the role of the nervous system in chronic pain, trauma and psychosomatic pain. She likes to work as a part of an allied health team in order to provide clients with a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing. 

We welcome TAC/Workcover clients.

Maeve is available for bookings on

Fridays 4pm-9pm,
Sundays 9am-9pm

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