Online Counselling throughout Victoria


Individual telehealth counselling (skype/zoom, phone or in person)
Low cost may be available upon request
Relationship Counselling
Please contact us if you have financial issues

If it's your preference, we also have available face to face times at our Footscray or Mill Park locations.

It’s very important to seek counselling support even with the COVID-19 outbreak occurring.

We offer online support through video counselling with Skype, Zoom or other platforms, and phone counselling as an alternative way to work with you.

Safe Place Therapy is the place to talk to a psychologist online. We offer video and phone consultations in Melbourne, Victoria and all Australia wide. Our therapists are highly experienced in remote mental health support. 

Check for our bulk billed options. We also have Medicare Rebate available. 

Take time for your mental health. Beat the waiting lists and get the help you need from home.



This is what makes us special

Affordable and flexible

Our session costs are much more reasonable than others, and we offer low cost options and Medicare rebated sessions.

We are a Safe Place

This is more than just a physical safety, it's about providing trauma support that is non-judgmental and appropriate.

We are in your corner

We want o understand your story and unpack your experience, working with you towards your goals.

Humans first

Our clients love that we don't lecture them or preach as an expert. Our job is to be a human being and work your with you.

Get the mental support you need and reach out today!

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