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We offer online support through video counselling with Skype, Zoom or other platforms, and phone counselling as an alternative way to work with you.

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Online Counselling at Safe Place Therapy

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Individual telehealth counselling (skype/zoom, phone or in person) $130 or low cost may be available upon request

Relationship Counselling @$150 per session. Please contact us if you have financial issues.

If you prefer face to face that is fine, we have available times at our Footscray or Mill Park locations. 

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Finding a counsellor who sits in your corner and work with you can be quite hard to find. At Safe Place Therapy we strive to be in your corner and pride ourselves on creating a counselling service that is a safe place for you

We often hear that mental health issues are not supported enough in the community. We want to change this by providing therapists in Melbourne that are different and special at the same time.

Safe Place Therapy is willing and able to support on mental health issues or other life situations that need care. Our counsellors are always ready to meet with you.

This is what makes us special

Affordable and flexible

Our session costs are much more reasonable than others, and we offer low cost options and Medicare rebated sessions.

We are a Safe Place

This is more than just a physical safety, it's about providing trauma support that is non-judgmental and appropriate.

We are in your corner

We want o understand your story and unpack your experience, working with you towards your goals.

Humans first

Our clients love that we don't lecture them or preach as an expert. Our job is to be a human being and work your with you.

Our Therapists

Sophie Manente Therapist

Sophie Manente


Working through anxiety or depression can be difficult, but can also lead to some great changes in a person’s life.

Sophie has worked with people experiencing these issues extensively and uses a range of evidence-based approaches. She aims to work alongside you to achieve your goals, and work at the pace that feels right for you.

She provides a warm and non-judgmental space to work through your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and create meaningful changes.

Laura Zapata Ospina Safe Place Therapy

Laura Zapata


Laura finds online counselling particularly useful for people who struggle to talk about their feelings. Surprisingly, the internet helps this kind of clients to open up about themselves, talk about their issues and set up goals, therefore, it positively contributes to the therapeutic relationship.

Laura has vast experience working with parents, children, and young adults. Laura’s approach is based on compassion and kindness, she considers that the most important factor in therapy is to understand how people are travelling and the meaning they have given to their journey.

Laura will walk alongside your way, helping you to name your feelings, describe your experience and will support you to reframe your story based on the strengths that are identified along the way.