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Pay for 2 massages upfront and receive
20% OFF
(So instead of paying $100, pay $80 for TWO massages!)

This offer expires on 31st of June and must be paid for together and by credit card

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What makes us the best massage in Footscray?

Quality Service

All of our staff are highly trained and recommended in remedial massage. The staff tailor your massage to your trouble areas and value your feedback as to what you would like in the session.


We are competitively priced, providing one of the best quality/service relationships in the market. That's why we are chosen by dozens of clients every week, wanting to increase their quality of life while taking care of their budgets.

Different Options

Whether you would like to work on a troubled area like a sore neck or back or whether you would like to relax and slow down, we have you covered. We tailor the massage to your specific needs.

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